Turkish Manners and Society

Turkey is known as Ottoman Empire and the Official language of the nation is Turkey. The characteristic of this language is that Ottoman Language and Anatolian language being mixed but nowadays Turkish language, it is mixed with different language especially the Latin language.

Family. In Turkish family, the Father is an authoritarian leader. There is a need of all the family members to bow down to the will of the father and family members need to remain meek in front of their father. Mothers are very passionate over their child. Children have to be made perfect in front of their fathers.

Dressing Style. Women are taught to be modest so they are suppose to dress themselves properly like covering their body, not totally like that of Abaya that Muslims wear. Their traditional clothing is highly respected. Women in their traditional clothing are respectable.

Socialization Manners. Men and Women have to act and speak formally with each other. Actually, this is a well mannered culture in the nation. Men do not shake hands with men that easily especially in public.

Turkish are best when it comes to hospitality. They respect their visitors and treat them with the warmest welcome they would give; let them come in and prepare something for them may it be food, as a sibling or any family member just arrived from a far off land leaving the family for a long time.

Turkish have to take off their shoes when they go in even if you are a visitor. Some householders may ask their guests to bring in their shoes.