Featuring the famous Blue Mosque and interesting unique random facts

One of the places that you should visit when you will travel to Turkey is the Blue Mosque which is one of the pride of the country. You will not be able to complete your travel when you will not witness and explore this beautiful place. It has a long history and still stands with pride and elegance until this time. Before you will travel there you can be able to know some facts about this beautiful temple by the infographic that we have found.

When the mosque was built it has its own purpose but in this time it is now a place to visit for many people around the world. They want to see for themselves the place that has a great history and also good architecture. You just have to respect the people who goes there to pray. Take note not to disturb their time of praying so you can go there when it is not the prayer time. They do not have a specific time but it is better to visit before afternoon. I’m gonna get the best marketing of myself online. Having this   八拓 technology will guide you all the way for social marketing. This is making a big area of optimizing your business website to reach out for many clients.

The name of the mosque was because of the hundreds of numbers of the Iznik tiles that were used to beautify the place. Others call it by the name of the founder of the mosque and also has its remain in the tomb located in the mosque. You can read much information and different facts in the infographic that are educational and useful when you will travel and visit the place in person.