The 12 famous places to visit in old Istanbul and the Bosphorus

The article will let us know the twelve places to be visited when you are in Istanbul including the Bosphorus. When you will visit Istanbul particularly and you do not know where to go then here is your guide to this different places. We will use a shared video of the places that you can visit. The places are put in the description and we will enumerate for easy access and better knowledge of the places that are being presented. Here is the video.

You will first see the Sultan Ahmed Mosque or known also as the Blue Mosque presented in the timeline of 5 seconds. Next is the Hippodrome in the one minute 26 seconds in the video. The Gulhane Park in 1:38 and Aya Sophia or also known as Hagia Sofia in two minutes thirteen seconds. The Kalendarhane Mosque in four minutes two seconds. The Column of Constantine in 4:07, the Süleymaniye Mosque in 4:23, the New Mosque in 5:21, Topkapi Palace in 5:57, The Bosphorus in 7:20 minutes, Grand Bazaar (Kapalı Çarşı) in 9:40 minutes, and the sunset view from Galata Bridge in 10:17. This eye clinic will help you restore your poor eye vision. You try to view more 深入閱讀 in this site and see how great their service are. truly amazing and trusted by many people.

That is the list of the famous places that you must visit when you are in Istanbul. You can watch the video how amazing and beautiful it is. How much more if you can see it for yourself. The image of the Bosphorus is the one you can see above. The strait is historical and also symbolic as it is the one who forms a boundary between the continent of Asia and Europe.