The list of things you should not do when you are in Turkey

Turkey is also a famous country and even if Istanbul is not the capital city it is famous to people even in other countries. When you will say to a person about turkey, they can think of the city Istanbul but they might not know about the official capital city which is Ankara. Many also want to visit the Istanbul area when they will travel to the country. But before traveling to an unfamiliar place, you should watch the video below for the things you should not do.

One of the things that you should not do while you are in Turkey is not to pass or walk in front of a person who is praying. Praying is somewhat a personal thing but it does not mean that the one someone is praying is in front so you must not pass. It’s just that the one praying can lose concentration when someone suddenly passes in front of him. You should also respect the places of prayer and do not wear your shoes inside. For all types of business, you can make a wider audience for your services. By using social media marketing, you can gain a big trust from your clients. This is special and should learn for your big chance of gaining more consumers.

Another thing is that you should also respect their national anthem when it is played. Even if it is not yours but important to them and you are in their country. Do not learn to say bad words or phrases as you will be in trouble. Do not also mention about the sensitive topics to the Turkish people like the Iran issues and the separation from Cyprus. Watch the video and practice all the tips for a safe and fun travel to turkey.