Amazing and Unbelievable Facts about Turkey

The country of Turkey is a wonderful place. There are a lot of amazing facts you need to know about this country. Most people would like to travel here because of the unique and beautiful tourist spots. Among the almost-unbelievable place to be found in this country is Pamukkale. Here, you will be captivated by the beauty madness of the petrified waterfalls and terraced water basins. It’s just so wonderful!

Aside from the unique and amazing view of the cotton castle, let us know more about Turkey, the amazing and unbelievable facts about this country. As you can see in the above infographic, you will be amazed by the facts that were revealed.

Fact #1.The Black Sea coastline of Turkey stretches up to 1,650 km which is a very long distance just like Paris to Berlin. Can you imagine that? That’s amazing!

Fact #2. Turkey has more mosques since the major religion is Muslim. It is a record-breaking number of mosques than any other country.

Fact #3.This country is considered as one of the first countries to give rights to women to vote than any other countries like America and the European countries.

Fact #4.Did you know that Istanbul which is the largest city in Turkey is the only country that can be found or is built on two continents, Europe and Asia? Over the years, this city became the capital of Roman Empire, Byzantine, and Ottoman. This fact also makes this country unique!

Fact #5. Did you know that there are camels in this country? They usually live on deserts. However, you cannot find a native camel here. Amazing!