The Land of Pamukkale

This beautiful land is located in the country of Turkey. You may not fully believe but this place is so perfect! You might be wondering about the tourist attractions and tourist destinations here. So, let us begin our tour in this awesome place!

Did you know that this place is known as the “cotton palace“? Actually, the landscape in this area is somewhat unbelievable. Do you know why? In fact, the landscape is very unique! It’s like the rice terraces in some part of northern Luzon in the Philippines. The difference is that these terraces contains water. The petrified waterfalls and water basins looks so wonderful! This is why a lot of tourist visit this place in Turkey.

When you look at these awesome terraced-basins, you can actually think of a forest. It’s just that it is known as the “mineral forest“. Do you know why this place is known as “cotton place” or Pamukkale? When you look at the whole view of the petrified waterfalls and terraced-basins, you can think of a cotton. This place is so perfect for relaxation.

This beautiful place had a history behind it. The hot springs were actually used before for other purposes, not as it is today wherein a lot of visitors continually come. It had been regarded as one of the most important site since a long time ago. In Turkey, you can see a lot of remains which shows the history of this country. You may think that the water in Pamukkale is cold, but in fact, it is thermal. It’s a perfect place to unwind, relax, and release stress.